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N64784 - 08-02-14 (19)As we mentioned in a previous post, a couple weeks ago brought the excitement of our newest DC-3 restoration project arriving in our hangar. She hadn’t flown in nearly 22 years, and performed admirably (as in, uneventfully) during her 1 hour test flight and 3.8 hour ferry flight.N64784 - 08-02-14 (20)N64784 - 08-02-14 (23)N64784 - 08-03-14 (7)N64784 - 08-03-14 (13)N64784 - 08-03-14 (18)This summer has marked the start of what will be her nearly two year long transformation. She’ll receive a new interior, livery, control surfaces, avionics, etc. What an incredible honor this is for us–the feeling of bringing back another one of these beauties is hard to adequately describe.N64784 - 08-03-14 (24)

Control surfaces have been removed, and are now in work:photo 4IMG_3191IMG_3190We will of course keep you updated on her progress!






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    • Thank you for this link! Yes, we do have recent news. Sorry for the long delay in updates. Pictures will be going up shortly on her current state.

  1. Ithink I accidently hit the wrong button, but hope that you got my comment, misspellings and all. I had not edited the comment.

    If you did not, I was the chief pilot of the company that owned the Wrigley DC-3 from the late 70s to the early 80s.

    Please feel free to contact me for photos of the original interior of the Wrigley DC-3, as it was when we owned it and/or for any other information. By the way, did you get the original log book? Quite a treasure just by itself due to the passenger lists of very famous people, a lot of movie starts during the time the Wrigleys owned it and old Chicago Cubs baseball players. If you did not, that is a sad loss.

  2. Hello, I was the chief pilot of the the company that owned the Wrigley DC-3 from the late 70s to the early 80s, Galaxy Aviation. After we owned it the Hodges Truck Company had the aircraft. After that it was sold to an air adventure tyoe company in Switzerland to fly tourists around the Alps. It was not until around 2008-9 that I learned that this DC-3 was somwhere in Califorina, bascily rotting away. Broke my heart.

    I was very pleased to hear that someone had purchased Wrigley DC-3 and that you were going to restore. To be honest I’m a little sad that it is obvious that the orginal interior had been replaced, if you would like some photos of the orginal Wrigley interior, please let me know and I will send them to you.

    • Hello! I apologize for the long delay in seeing this comment and replying. I will email you shortly. Thank you VERY much for this information!

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