Vultee BT-13

B1Aerometal International is in the process of restoring this 1940 Vultee BT-13 Valiant (known in pilot parlance as the Vultee Vibrator). This is a thrilling project for AMI, as the BT-13 was a prolific basic trainer during WWII with over 11,000 built, yet fewer than 50 fly today. It’s an honor to restore her not just to cosmetic standards, but to also ensure she is fully airworthy.

She requires structural, mechanical, and cosmetic intervention:1G1KFor this post however, we’ll focus on the ever important nose art! Her nose art was inspired by a joke of the owner’s wife when they were discussing possible names—she remarked “Well, you spend lots of time on her, lots of money on her, you pay her rent…you should call her ‘My Mistress.'” Thus, this BT-13 became duly known as “My Mistress,” and the requisite decal was designed and applied.D1E1F1The nose art and the BT-13 art print were designed and executed by the exceptionally talented Adam Burch of Hangar B Productions, a production company focusing on aviation art, engineering, and animation. Find more of his spectacular art printsĀ here.

Keep checking back for more updates on this ongoing restoration–we’ll delve deeply into the mechanical and structural restoration in future posts!

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